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SELF Logística was founded in 1995 at Santos, we are specialized in Road Transport of containers and break-bulk arising from export/import (national or Customs Transit), covering the whole country. Start-up occurred with the growing demand of imports at the Port of Santos because of the trade opening initiated in 1990 by the Federal Government and stabilized with the Real Plan implemented in 1994.

In mid-1995, the company signed a major contract with one of the country's largest manufacturers of stoves, BS Continental Utilidades Domesticas, which would soon be acquired by the German group Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerat GMBH. It was a great period of growth for SELF Logística, where it had the opportunity to transport machinery for the production of refrigerators from the entire manufacturing plant, with more than one million square meters, located at the city of Hortolandia, as well as all the clearance papers of imports and exports.

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Due to the qualified service provided to its customers and know-how acquired by its partners along more than 15 years of experience in several sectors of Foreign Trade, in a short period of time the company won clients and the loyalty of large corporations that become partners throughout its story, such as Siemens, Metalfrio, Kellogg's, Clariant, Leschaco, Grupo Zeppini, among many others.

In order to provide partners with a customized service in an integrated manner, in 1998 SELF Logística also started to operate in the Customs Clearance industry, providing more agility to Foreign Trade procedures. Since then, the company seeks intelligent and economical solutions to its customers through experienced and highly qualified professionals. From 2011, we integrated Siscomex to our I-Broker system making information available online.

Currently the organization provides its clients with all services of logistic chain such as Road Transport, Customs Clearance, International Shipping, Cargo Storage, Special Projects, Cabotage and Foreign Trade Consulting, with more than 300 direct and indirect employees.

Seeking to meet the needs and requirements of large companies, SELF Logística remained in continuous growth by earning certifications such as SASSMAQ, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, in addition to obtaining the necessary permits for the road transport.